Jammers Juice Pouch Coin Purse

Make a coin purse out of a reused (and cleaned) Jammers juice!

Jammers Juice Pouch Coin Purse

What you need

-Sewing machine



To clean your pouch, make a slit in the bottom to drain juice. Rinse with soap and water. Air dry or use a tissue to dry by hand.

Remove the sticky spot where the straw was with Goo Gone or nail polish remover before you sew. I prefer to sew the Velcro to the pouch, if not, it will come unstuck from the sides quickly.

You could also glue the Velcro to the sides if you want. Set your machine to a wide zigzag stitch and small length, (like 4 wide and 1 length) Use 1/4″ seam allowance (sew that far from the edge of your pouch)

Start sewing :

Sew across the top of the pouch, cut strings Sew across the bottom of the pouch, cut strings Center one piece of Velcro on back of the pouch at the top and sew all 4 edges of Velcro Center.

Velcro on back of the pouch at the bottom and sew all 4 sides of Velcro Fold pouch in half, pouch bottom to pouch top (wording facing out), making a crease in the pouch.

Sew from the top right corner down to the bottom, turn and sew across the bottom, turn and sew across the remaining side.

You will not sew across the top, that will remain open.

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  1. sarmstrong0204 says:

    Very creative idea — love it!

  2. cute. you could always expand on this idea too.

  3. i already made a bag & u can also staple it works too

  4. this is ok but is there one with no sewing?

  5. Pictures would be very helpful.

  6. Pretty basic & easy. Ideal for the new sewer!

  7. liz_fierce says:

    this is a cute idea :)

  8. I thank you. I will make all the little ones one of these for christmas and start them off with 6 quarters, 2 dimes and 3 nickles. these are all girls so maybe next year I will find a way to make matching hats and shoes.

  9. It’s so cute, I can barely stand it :)

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