Easy Baby Bear Beanie

I have just recently taught myself to knit (after many years of my mother trying to teach me unsuccessfully well maybe not lol) and this is my first go at inventing a pattern so here goes. (2 prototypes both successful)

Easy Baby Bear Beanie

What you need

Powder puff or similar wool
4 1/2 mm Needles
6 mm Needles


Using 4 1/2mm needles cast on 28 stitches.

Row 1 K2,* P1,K1 repeat from * to end.

Repeat row 1 for next 9 rows.

Row 11 k28 changing to 6mm needles.

Continue in stocking stitch for next 44 rows (alternate rows purl then plain).

Next row K2, **P1, K1 (changing back to 4 1/2mm needles) repeat from **to end.

Repeat for 9 rows.

Cast off loosely.

To make up fold in half (rib ends together) so right side is showing and sew to end of rib. Turn in other way and continue to sew to top. Do this on both sides.

Turn in right way and sew in big stitches about 5cm down from top corner diagonally to about 5cm across from top corner, gather together and secure ends and neaten.

And you should have one very cute and easy to make beanie with ears.

Goes great with the easy baby bootees to make a set. Will have ago at inventing a set of mittens to match.

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  1. I was hoping this would fit a 0 – 3 month old. Alas. It is miles too big, and too shallow for my 2 year old. The opening on the hat knits up to be about 20cm across (40cm diameter). The pattern itself is fine (as best I can tell) however some final sizing would help the reader know a wee bit more what to expect.

  2. cgjohnso-

    I think “plain” means garter stitch (the normal knit stitch). Not sure but I know that stocking stitch is purl one row, knit one row, if that answers your question.

  3. Cute but vague.

  4. I have the same question as below. I’m getting ready to start Row 12….Continue in stocking stitch for next 44 rows. (alternate rows purl then plain) I know the stocking stitch is the purl stitch, but what is considered plain? Please help! Thank you!

  5. I have just started knitting a couple years ago. I know how to knit, purl, slip stich, psso, k2tog, etc… But when you say “Continue in stocking stitch for next 44 rows (alternate rows purl then plain), do I start with knitting one row first (row 12), then purl (row 13) or do I start with purling one row first?

    Love this hat!!! SO ADORABLE!!

    Thank you :)


  6. To knit in the round: Cast on 56 stitches with 4 1/2 mm needles, K1P1 for 9 rows. Then knit with 6mm needles for 22 rows. Move stitches to one needle putting every other stitch from front and back when laid flat on the needle. Bind off two stitches at a time the first 5 cm of stitches on either end. Cut a length of yarn and weave in making it get to 5 cm below the top and sow and draw together the corner weave into the remaining stitches then sow down from the beginning of the cast of stitches diagonally down to 5cm below the corner, draw together and weave in. This should produce similar results without having to sow any seams.

  7. I am a new knitter and was wondering what the k28 meant. and also if you could tell me how the ears become ears if you don’t knit them. I would love to make this as it would be a great photography prop and I am working on expanding my props for my photography business! thanks!

  8. I haven’t made this yet because I wasn’t sure how the ears were made, but I think I finally get it. Once you’re done knitting, you fold it in half so that the ribbed part you cast on at and the ribbed part you bound off at are together. Then you sew up the sides so that the ribbed part is the bottom round and the stocking stitch part is the top of the hat. Then you sew the two top corners in diagonals to create the ears and kind of cinch them up. I prefer making hats in the round because I’m not good at seaming them up, but I still may give this a try. Another alternative would be to knit a basic hat in the round, knit the ears separately and sew them on.

  9. Thanks a lot! A very cute and easy to knit hat. And a quite clearly written pattern.

  10. hi, just need to buy the wool for this project and was wondering if it is double knitted or single knitted and what kind of gauge is it?
    Look so cute, cant wait to get started!

  11. hello? ears please…

  12. Fantastic!!!!! Made it in 2 hours with BERNAT Baby coordinates, It is a lighter wool but it still worked fantastic!!! I Love it!! The perfect baby shower gift!!

  13. I’m in the group of people who didn’t understand the pattern. Where is the ears part ???


  15. powder puff is a chenille type wool. for those who don’t know what that is it looks like pipe cleaners do.

  16. Can you please tell me what brand is “Powder Puff” and how many skeins do you need? Can you use circular needles or what type? Need more details- thanks!

  17. pippinpuss says:

    Really simple. Nice not to have to knit the ears seperately.
    Can be done in many colours.

  18. How Do you make the ears??? I dont understand???

  19. How do u get the top bit all stuck together (i know you sew it but how?)

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