Dog Poop Soap

This is just a fun little project with no harm intended. It would be fun to make these for the stinky male in your life or how about making it into actual soap for your dog?

Dog Poop Soap

What you need

Favourite Soap Recipe
Brown Soap Dye
Cling Wrap


This project came about after I was cleaning up my soap making dishes and had some left over scraps. After great debate it was decided that I would go ahead and add this project to the website as everyone thought it was loads of fun.

You can use any basic soap making recipe for this project and add some brown color or green depending on what your dog has been eating. If it is not thick enough allow it to begin to set before working with it.

Whilst it is still pliable place it onto some cling wrap in a sausage shape. Then bend the ends of the sausage together to form the poop swirl.

Leave the cling wrap on until it sets a little harder and then simply unwrap it to allow it to dry as normal.

You can scent this with something poop smelling (No I don’t know what scent that would be) or something pretty like roses.

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  1. omg! this will be perfect to get back at my sister! i’ll just ‘accidently’ leave it on the floor. lol. great work :)

  2. So gross and childish, yet amazing.
    Will be making a few for sure and give them out to some friends.
    Or just popping them around the house to freak somebody out….

  3. Hehehe I can see myself using this dog poop soap in the shower….lol Mum would be horrified
    Laura :)

  4. can I use the food coloring?

  5. can u just give me 1 example of your soap recipe?Because I don’t know which recipe that I should use!THX

  6. now that would be a hoot for a baby shower gift with diapers… :-)

  7. LOL! Leave this on the floor until the ‘prankee’ comes home.

    Love the idea! especially if your still potty training a puppy

  8. Really funny and inventive.Also good way to use up those soap scraps.Maybe make this chocolate scent,then you wouldn’t mind rubbing it on your face! LOL

  9. SOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!! if you dont like it or think its gross why bother commenting.. too funny for words, my kids would think this is hilarious!!

  10. love the idea.

  11. i don’t care what anyone else says, this is brilliant. nice work!

  12. thats so gross!!! grow up you sicko!!

  13. You people need to relize a good and funny idea when it comes along if you think it is gross keep it to yourselves. You couldn’t think of anything that is more funny than that. Grow up and act like adults.

  14. Too Funny! I bought a soap like this for my Dad as a Christmas gag gift. It smelled like roses! Wish i had seen this site first! That thing cost me $9.

  15. Why don’t you try making Chocolate shaped soap? You’re disgusting.

  16. I love this idea! I was cracking up when I read it!

  17. I love it, very creative!

  18. Come on! That’s gross!!! Who want soap that’s sopposed to look like POOP but it looks like a FORTUNE COOKIE!

  19. Hilarious! Love it!

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