Candy Cane Hearts

This Valentine's day craft project shows you how to make a Candy Cane Heart as a gift.

Candy Cane Hearts

What you need

2 Candy Canes
Craft Glue


This project is quick and simple but can be used in many applications such as being used as

Gift Tags

Start by taking your 2 canes and overlapping them to form a heart.

Secure the bottom and top with a small amount of glue.

Tie a ribbon onto the top if you plan to hang it.

You can make heaps of these and thread a ribbon through them to form a garland for hanging above the door, along the table or even hang individual ones all around your house or classroom.

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  1. quick and easy!!!!!
    By Kaitlyn W

  2. This would be good but you can’t eat them!

  3. it is a realy easy thing to do with kids

  4. Good idea, I’ll try it with my elderly residents

  5. very cute

  6. Just what I needed for kids christmas cards!

  7. looking on this site for ideas for theses little stackable hearts for my girlfriends so I looked on candy cane hearts and got the idea of putting the candy cane inside the little heart and putting a bow around them with a little card.

  8. this is cute!

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