Birdseed/Rice Wedding Roses

A perfect decoration idea for the wedding - rice wedding roses!

Birdseed/Rice Wedding Roses

What you need

Silk or Satin
Green floral tape
Florist wire
Silk leaves
Heavy wire to support the filled Rose


Start by creating a 2 inch tube in your fabric by sewing a 4 inch strip together. You will need around 3 1/2 inches in length for each rose you want to make. So make the tube the appropriate length for your project.

Cut your heavy wire to the length that you want your rose stems. Wind the wire with the green florist tape starting at the bottom and working your way up.

When you get half way place your leaves onto the stem and secure by pulling the florist tape around the leaves and continuing to wind the stem with the green tape.

When you get to the top add a little glue to one end of the silk. Thread the tube over the rose stem and bind it tightly closed around the stem with the florist tape till it is secure.

Once the glue has dried fill the rose with birdseed, confetti or rice leaving a 1 1/2 inch of unfilled tube at the top.

Take this left over bit and tuck it back into itself and into the filling to close off and form the bud of the rose. You should be able to just push it down inside the filling. You have finished.

Now when your guests want to use the roses just a simple flick will have it all opening up and the contents showering the bride and groom.

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  1. More pictures would be a big help. I know I made these for my sister-in-laws wedding, but that was 18 years ago.

  2. I have been making these for years. A friend is getting married in September and she wants 150 of them. they are so easy and look so beautiful .

  3. Birds blowing up! hahahahaha That only happens on Shrek. You gotta love Snopes! If in doubt, how about using dried rose petals and buds? They would be perfect in a garden setting, look natural on the ground, and decompose easily.

  4. made this is easy and helpful for country weddings or park wedding or outdoors…. where birds can have food … for my son’s coming up wedding theme red and white roses with tules


  6. Web page claims that there is no danger to the birds that may happen to eat the rice. Snopes uses a quote from an expert from an organization that represents rice growers. Also one thing purveyors of this myth fail to take into account is that the rate at which dried grains absorb liquids is pretty darned slow unless it takes place at cooking temperature. Also, there’s a biological process you may be familiar with called digestion. Long before any uncooked rice consumed by a bird could expand enough to cause harm, it would have already been ground up in its crop and in the process of being broken down into nutrients and waste by the acids and enzymes in the bird’s digestive tract.

    Ever since they came out with this years ago, we have always just used bird seed to be safe. Why take chances with our beautiful birds?

  7. May 5, 1972, 40 years ago we did these for my wedding. I always enjoy seeing the ones I kept with all our other wedding memories.

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