Beaded Angel

This little angel is adorable and can be used as tree ornaments, present toppers or given as small Christmas gifts.

Beaded Angel

What you need

12 x small 2.3cm safety pins
1 x 12mm bead for head
1 x 12mm bead cap
1 x 8mm pearl for the body
12 x 6mm pearls for the base
54 x 4mm pearls for the dress and arms
42 x 3 mm beads for the wings and halo
80 cm's 28 gauge wire


Fill the 12 safety pins with the 4 mm pearls, you will need 4 on each pin closing them as you go.


Cut 5.5 inch (14 cm) or wire and thread it through the head of each pin as shown, placing a small 6 mm pearl in between each pin. Secure them by placing them into a circle and securing the wire closed by twisting the ends together.


With 5 inches (13 cm) of wire thread it through the ends of the safety pins and secure into a tight circle to form the skirt of the angel. Don’t cut the wire.


Thread the ends through the large 8 mm pearl to form the body and secure the wire and cut off any excess wire.


Cut 15 inches (40 cm)of wire and thread on 12 x 3 mm beads for the halo. Center the beads on the wire and bring both ends of the wire though the bell cap and the 12 mm head bead. Separate the wire and bring one end through each side of the body bead to form the wings.



Add 12 x 3 mm beads to each wing wire and bring it back through the body bead to form a loop, then add 3 x 4 mm beads and 3 x 3 mm beads, miss the last 3 beads and thread the wire back up through the first 3 beads. Twist the wire around itself to secure. Do the same thing again for the other wing wire.




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  1. I made these for a church bazaar and they were very popular

  2. It did take me a while to understand the instructions (also note the pictures don’t quite match up) but once I figured out the first one it was cake. When I got to the wings step I did have trouble getting the wire through the bead again so I improvised and just wound the wire back around itself instead of through the bead, then continued to the arms. While making it the body/head seem to have issues standing upright on the skirt but once the entire thing was done it was fine. ^.^ Completed angel is approximately 1 3/4 inches tall and 1 1/4 inches wide. LOVE it.

  3. These are really effective. Been looking everywhere for the pattern. :-)

  4. hi from sleepless in SA going on quilting retreat will take pattern and supplies along and show ladies and who knows “a host of angels” may be made. Have made them before and pattern has been put away in safe place so once i get my stupid printer to work i’ll be a for away. Many thanks granny jean.

  5. Beautiful !

  6. Time consuming and tedious, but turned out looking great. And as for the directions being hard to understand? Not sure what directions those people were reading, because I thought they were perfect. Couldn’t have been more clear.

  7. Tis is so cool …would make accent for presents at christmas time

  8. cool

  9. I haven’t tried this as I am actually looking for a craft my mother may enjoy. This looks beautiful but I am unsure the directions are clear enough — I am hoping that once working through it they will be come clearer. Just recently found your site and I am loving all the great ideas —- THANKS BUNCHES

  10. I’m lovin it. I made everyone at work one of these, and they love them.
    They are the best ever. So simple to make.
    Thank you so much…Michelle

  11. Absolutely adorable.
    I will be making a few of these for a christmas hamper.
    Thank you.

  12. A little hard to understand, but still pretty clear.

  13. This project has been estimated to take 30 minutes but it has taken us three to 4 hours and we cannot still figure out how to make it. The instructions are *very* unclear and difficult to apprehend. Very Very STUPID!!!! We absolutely hate this project.

  14. So beautifully explained,detailed, and so easy to follow. I made it and will send it overseas for my granddaughter. thank you for the pattern.

  15. Clever Idea. Now I have three variations of beaded angels for my tree. Thankyou.

  16. Would like to know the overall dimensions of finished product. How tall, wide, and depth if possible. I think these are what I want to do if they are the right size. Thank you.

  17. sonya51304 says:

    Once you make your first one, you will get the hang of it. BUT, if you have clumsy hands, like I do, sometimes this craft can be difficult. I use them as ornaments, stand alone decoration, and I also tape them to Christmas presents so everyone gets one..

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