Yummy Felt Cake

Yummy Felt Cake

This looks too good to eat! And it's made out of felt!

What you need

needle & thread


If you’re blessed with math skills, and you know how to break down the measurements of a circle to come up with a rectangle of the same size, then you’re a better person than I. Since I’m a dunce when it comes to ‘rithmetic, I used the Dummy Method:

Trace a ramekin (or mug). This will be your cake top and bottom. Then, using a piece of string, measure around the ramekin. This will be the length of your rectangle, which will be the sides of your cake. In my case, I use synthetic felt that doesn’t come in the length I needed, so I just cut two rectangles. As for the height of your cake, that’s completely up to you. I went for a couple of inches.

Cut out two circles–one in the color of your cake, and one in the color of your frosting. The frosting circle will be your top, and the cake circle will be the bottom. Using the same rectangle pattern, cut out another rectangle in your frosting color. You can cut this in half for a nice clean look, or just trim a little of it off, depending on how far you want the frosting to “drip” down the cake. I trimmed out the scalloped pattern freehand to save time. Now you’re ready to assemble.

Felt Cake Pieces

If you’re using two pieces of felt for the cake sides, go ahead and stitch those together, end to end. The only stitch you’ll need to use for the body of this project is an overhand stitch, by the way. Easy peasy. Don’t pull your stitches too tight, since you want to have a little give when it comes time to shape everything. But do make your stitches snug enough to keep any gaps from appearing. If the pieces stick up where they’re joined, don’t worry. They’ll flatten with some gentle encouragement. Once your rectangles are joined, you can stitch the bottom circle on.

Once you’ve got the circle stitched on, you can join up the other two ends of your rectangle.

Now, on to the frosting. Stitch your scalloped pieces onto the cake body, again using an overhand stitch. I leave the top unstitched, since you’ll be sewing the cake top onto it anyway. Sew the ends of the frosting together (and to the cake) as you go along. Add any embellishments, if you’d like. I used a french knot on each scallop for extra cuteness on my first few cakes. Now you can stitch your cake top on, using the same method as for the bottom piece. Don’t forget to leave a couple of inches open for stuffing!


Felt Cake Stitching

Felt Cake Stitching

At this point, I found it handy to cut out two pieces of cardstock slightly smaller than my circle pattern. I put one in the bottom of the cake before stuffing, and one in the top before I sew it closed. It just gives it a little more definition and structure. Of course, without the cardstock, you’ve got a cute little pincushion!

Stuff your cake to your liking, sew the opening closed, and there you go! Your very own felt cake!

Felt Cake Top

As for toppings, I’ve only made the strawberry and the cream puff. Both are fairly simple as well. For the strawberry, use the same circle pattern from your cake to cut out a half circle. Fold that circle in half to make a triangle. Handstitch or machine sew the seam closed, then turn inside out. Embellish with french knots or simple lines in contrasting color for “seeds”. Sew a loose running stitch around the bottom, and pull the thread to gather the ends together. Add a little stuffing, and you’ve got a strawberry! Don’t worry about the bottom part showing, since you’ll be stitching that on to your cake anyway. If you do it well enough, no one will notice.

Felt Cake Strawberries

Now the cream puff. Cut out six rounded triangles. I didn’t measure mine, and just cut them out freehand. The easiest way was to cut out six small squares of felt, stack them up in threes, and cut them out together. That way they’re fairly uniform. Take two of these triangles and sew them together on one side, starting from the bottom all the way to the tips. Sew a third piece onto the second in the same way, and so on, and the last piece will be sewn onto the first. You’ll end up with a funny looking, slightly concave, six-sided thingy. Once you add a little stuffing to that one, it will look like a cream puff in no time. Sew the bottom opening shut, and ta-daa! Yummy cream puff! By the way, you’ll get a much better result if your pieces are a little narrower and taller than the ones I used in the photos.



Felt Cake Cream Puffs

Sew your topping onto your cake, being careful to hide the stiching as well as possible. You could probably even use velcro, if you want to have interchangeable toppings! Stand back and admire your felt confection. Gather all of your imaginary (or even real!) friends for a play tea party, and be ready for the flood of admiration that will be washing over you. ^_^

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