Scrap Yarn Octopus

Scrap Yarn Octopus

This craft idea comes from my childhood. I've made several of them over the years and wanted to share it with all of you crafters.

What you need

1 5oz skein of bulky yarn ( the bulkier the better)
1 3″ styrofoam ball
2-3 yards of ribbon
face pieces


1. Completely unwind the yarn into a 2-3 ft loop – I used a back of a chair.

2. Cinch off one end of the loop

3. Cut the other end where the loops are – try to cut them as even as possible

4. Place the ball under the cinched end and spread the yarn ove the ball as evenly as you can

5. Cinch under the ball to make the neck – by now you should have a bunch of single strands of yarn hanging from the neck

6. Divide the strands into 8 sections for the legs

7. Braid each section and cinch the ends with ribbon

8. You should have 8 braids hanging from the neck

9. Now you can put on the face pieces 10. Enjoy the fruits of your fun labor!


  1. Belinda Jones says

    My mom & I used to make these when I was a child. We’d give them away as gifts. We used rug yarn to make them. Think I might make some of these again.

  2. Elizabeth McCullough says

    My sister and I used to make these have been looking for this pattern for years thanks

  3. I had one of these. I also had a dog that looked like a Maltese I would love to know how to make. Everything old is new again.

  4. i made these when i was a kid in the ’50;s…every little girl HAD to have one sitting on her bed!….this weekend i’m going to teach my little grand daughters how to make them!

  5. I have seen them before in my youth but never knew how to make them, thanks

  6. Oh! I made one of these once, and I forgot how I made it. Yay! I can finally make it again! Thanks!

  7. Oh! I made one of these once, and I forgot how I made it. Yay! I can finally make it again! Thanks!

  8. Cute! I made one of these a while ago, but since I didn’t have a styrofoam ball I used Crayola Model Magic. Eventually I gave it to my little brother.

  9. this is awsome

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