Wreath – Scrapbook Style

Wreath – Scrapbook Style

This free craft project shows you how to make a beyond the scrapbook style wreath with decorative scrapbooking papers.

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What you need

Card Board
Assorted Scrapbooking Papers
Craft Glue
Decorative Edge Scissors
Butterfly Diecut
Ribbon For hanging
Assorted embellishments


To begin cut a ring out of your cardboard. You can draw around a plate as a template if you wish.

This wreath measured 9.5 inch across and the ring is 2 inch wide.

For this wreath we cut our paper strips 8 inch by 1 inch wide. For this project we needed 32 strips.

Glue each strip onto the ring, overlapping the edges so you can not see the base. Keep doing this until it is covered.

Add the scraps

Add the scraps

Once the wreath is covered finish off the edges with a pair of decorative scissors by cutting all the way around the wreath ends.

Decorative Scissors

Decorative Scissors

Embellish your wreath with stickers, brads or glitter depending on your decor and tastes.

Finish it off by gluing on a ribbon loop for hanging.


  1. Helen Ellerbach says

    Love wire ribbon wreath. TKU

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