Woodland Potpourri

Woodland Potpourri

This potpourri lasts up to 6 months and is great for a outdoor feel.

What you need

Gum leaves
Forest pods
Hard forest nuts
Bay leaves
Whole cloves
1 tbs of Orris root powder per 100 g of potpourri
5 drops of a your favorite forest woodland scent such as tea-tree or eucalyptus.


Start by drying out your woodland gatherings.

Place them on paper towel and microwave under constant supervision for a few minutes. This will dry out the seeds as well as kill off any little mites that may be hiding.

Use a non-metallic bowl to mix everything together and cover with some cling wrap or a lid.

Allow the mix to sit for around 1 week to allow the scent to consume the seeds, pods and leaves.

To use just pour into a decorative bowl.

It will last up to 6 months, but by adding more essential oil as time goes on it will last much longer.

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