Painting A Wooden Birdhouse

Painting A Wooden Birdhouse

Painting and working on a wooden birdhouse is a sensory experience for therapy crafts.

What you need

Unfinished wooden birdhouse
Paints of your color choice
Wallpaper border with small pattern (flowers are nice)
White glue


Paint birdhouse with your color choice, allow to dry.

Cut out patterns from wallpaper border and brush white glue to back. Apply to birdhouse.

When dry, varnish to protect and make washable.

Can add small fake flowers &/or birds.


  1. I work in Snozlen which is a sensory room for adults. I did this project and they all enjoyed painting them and very proud of their work!!

  2. you can buy these bird houses at any Dollar Tree, or hobby shop for about a dollar…

  3. Nice but I would have liked instructions on how to make the birdhouse too 😉

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