Speech Bubble Love Sign

Speech Bubble Love Sign

Show your love this Valentines with a fun speech bubble wall art that spells the word "Love" - or say anything else you like! We show you how!

What you need

Supplies: 2 Wire Hangers, 1/4 yard of Fabric, Pliers, Hot Glue, Paper, Sharpie


1. Sketch out your speech bubble onto paper with a pencil and then go back over it with a sharpie.

2. Straighten out the wire hangers. They don’t have to be perfectly straight, it’s okay if there are a few twists in it.


3. Cut your fabric into 1″ strips. I used 5 45″ strips of Valentine themed fabric.

4. Place the end of your wire on top of your fabric and adhere the end of the fabric over the end of the wire.

5. Start wrapping your fabric diagonally down your wire. Continue wrapping, if you run out of one fabric strip glue the end down and start a new one.

6. When you get to the end of the wire, trim your fabric and glue the end of the fabric down.

7. Using your sketch as a guide, bend your wire into the shapes of the letters. Use a pair of pliers to make it easier. Leave a couple of inches of wire at the end of your word to attach it to the speech bubble later.


9. Bend your 2nd wire hanger into a speech bubble.


10. Attach a strip of fabric to the end of your wire and wrap it around the 2 ends to attach them together. Glue the end of the fabric down.

11. Use the extra wire at the end of the word to attach it to the speech bubble by wrapping it around the speech bubble wire.

If you want a fabric that doesn’t fray, try using a stretchy T-shirt fabric instead of regular cotton fabric.

All done! Enjoy Love!


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