Make A Winter Garland

Make A Winter Garland

This project is so easy to make and looks wonderful hanging up.

What you need

Felt or Fabric
Craft Glue
Sewing Machine
Mini Pegs


Start by cutting out your clothing shapes: scarfs, mittens, hats and stockings.

You can sew around the edges of each item for a more finished look, or if kids are making this project there is no need.

Winter Mitten

Winter Scarf

Winter Stocking

Winter Hat

Add dimensions to your items by adding cut out hearts, a little glitter, ribbons etc.

Glue the pegs to the sting around 4 inch apart and allow to dry.

Once dry peg the clothes up onto the garland line.


  1. I SOOOOOOOOOOOO love it.

  2. great idea to do with the kids! Mine would love top hang this in their rooms or to decorate a mini tree!

  3. VERY cute! Pictures excellent! 🙂

  4. It’s okay.

  5. that is cute um.. well u know christmas is in 5 months

  6. cute!

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