Wine Bottle Gift Box – Better With Age

Wine Bottle Gift Box – Better With Age

This recycled paper project shows you how to take a postal tube and turn it into a gift box.

What you need

Postal tube at least 14 inch
12 x 12 papers Antique
Craft glue
Jolee Napa Valley stickers or similar
Gold Ribbon
matching tag


Start by removing any bulky stickers from your recycled postal tube. If your tube is too big use a craft knife to cut it down to around 1 inch (average wine bottle size).

Take your antique style 12 x 12 paper and wrap it around your postal tube.  Cover the 1 inch gaps  at either end  with a similar or contrasting color.

Cover any seams with ribbons or edging. We covered our two end seams with gold ribbon and embellished the ribbon with stickers. The seam down the back of the tube was covered using some brown natural raffia but you could leave yours uncovered, just make sure the seem is well glued down.

To go with our wine theme, we used Jolee Napa valley stickers and added a tag which said.  “You get Better with Age”  (just like wine).

Better With Age Tag

The opportunities are endless for creating beautiful bottle boxes.

Use these DIY wine bottle canisters/ gift boxes for hostess gifts, Christmas gifts and much more.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!