The Mason Jar Easter Bunny

The Mason Jar Easter Bunny

This tutorial shows you how to decorate a mason jar into a cute adorable bunny. Perfect for little treats and as a kids craft idea to celebrate Easter this year!

What you need

Glass jar
White Paint
Pink felt or craft foam
Green and white craft foam
Craft glue


For this project I created my Bunny in a non traditional color scheme of green. You can use whatever color suits you.

Start by painting the inside of your jar. I used a white spray paint and applied two light coats.

Next create your bunny ears using the felt and glue into place.

Create the face using pink felt nose and a marker pen.

Alternatively you can draw the face on to the inside of the glass and then paint over it. This will give it a high gloss durable finish.

Add a pretty ribbon and fill with Easter treats.

All done! Happy Easter!

What you need

2 x 1/4 inch white pom poms
1 x 1 inch white pom pom
1 x 1 1/2 inch white pom pom
or a total of 3 different sizes.

1 mini pom pom for nose
Pink felt or craft foam
Ribbon for embellishing
craft glue
pink Hair band
wobble eyes


This kids Easter craft project shows you how to make an adorable Easter Bunny hair band that is ideal for Easter day outings.


Start by taking your felt or craft foam and cutting out a set of ears as shown below. Cut two small circles for the mouth.

Glue your two small pom poms together and add the nose as shown.

Glue the mouth onto the bottom and attach this section to the second largest pom pom.  Add the eyes , this creates the head.

Glue the head section onto the largest pom pom to create the body.

Glue the ears into place. Embellish with a ribbon.

Glue the Easter Bunny onto the head band and allow to dry.

You could also use this project to create Easter magnets, Easter gift tags and much much more.



  1. Sharon A. Miles says

    I’m making it for my two, younger, grand kids, for Easter. Sweet!

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