White Fluffy Chick Easter Pattern

White Fluffy Chick Easter Pattern

This knitting pattern shows you how to knit a little fluffy white chicken using powder puff or similar fashion yarn. This chick measure 6 inches.

What you need

Size 6 Us (8UK) (4 mm) needles
50 grams of white powder puff baby wool
25 grams of white feather soft baby wool
Small amount of orange felt.
Toy Filling/wadding


Fluffy Chick Pattern

Begin with the bottom of the body – cast on 13 stitches.

1) knit into the back of every stitch

2) knit twice into every stitch (26 stitches)

3) knit

4) knit

5)(knit 2 knit twice into the next stitch) to the end ( 34 stitches)

6) knit

7)( knit 2 knit twice into the next 2 stitches) to the end (50 stitches)

8) knit

9) knit

10) knit

11) knit

12)( knit 2 knit 2 together twice) to the end (34 stitches)

13) knit

14) knit

15) knit

16) knit

17)( knit 2 knit 2 together) to the end (26 stitches)

18) knit

19) knit

20) knit

21) knit

22) this row is the start of the head – drop the feather soft yarn and continue in powder puff   Knit 14 rows

35) (knit 2 knit 2 together ) to the end

36) knit

37) (knit 2 together) to the end

38) ( knit 2 together) to the end

Thread yarn through the remaining stitches draw up and secure

Stitch the head seam and down the back leave a gap at the bottom once you have filled him stitch the bottom closed.then run a stitch around the neck and gather slightly.

Wings (make 2)

Use the 2 strands as you did for the body – cast on 4 stitches

Knit 12 rows

Knit 2 together knit 2

Knit 2 together knit 1

Knit 2 together

Thread the yarn through the remaining stitch and secure

Stitch your wings into place.

Cut out your felt pieces

Cut 2 pieces for the feet, and 2 pieces for the beak.

Stitch the two pieces together with a blanket stitch ( use thread not wool)

Stitch your beak in place then stitch your eyes on with black wool , glue or stitch your feet on

Well done.


  1. what is that cut out piece on the far right? It’s not even mentioned in the instructions

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