Waxed Roses

Waxed Roses

Great idea for Valentine's Day - or Mother's Day, dip your roses into wax and make a one of a kind statement.

What you need

2 Blocks of paraffin wax
Used tin can
Clothespins and cord


Start by chilling the flowers in a fridge for about 1 hour.

Half fill the saucepan with water and bring to the boil, place the can into the water and fill with chunks of the wax. Lower the heat to a simmer.

Gently melt down the wax stirring constantly.

Take a rose and dip it into the wax, if your stem is short use some tongs to dip it in.

Use a spoon to spoon the wax into any hard to fill areas.

Use the wax to cover the stem and leaves.

Dry the roses by pegging them to a clothes line or by rigging one up using cord.

Catch the drips on newspaper to prevent making a mess.

Allow the roses to dry for up to 1 hour.

Then arrange them in a vase.

Make sure you keep these in a cool place or the wax will melt.

You can use other flowers for this project too.


  1. havent’t tried it yet…wondered if this process would keep the color

  2. i think that it is kinda kool… needs more pics


  3. llamalady47 says

    very sweet

  4. llmcd@tds.net says

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Have been wanting to try this for a long time. Will also try with my herbs!


  5. will the wax change the color?

  6. I heard these only last a couple of weeks after waxing. look for pics on hgtv

  7. I have done this with flower arrangments and it works great and kept 6 mo.+ grins2u2

  8. this is great! i’m doing a project on waxed roses!

  9. this is great

  10. What are the toothpicks for?!

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