Vinyl Bib Purse

Vinyl Bib Purse

Make a purse out of a vinyl bib.

What you need

2 vinyl Baby Bibs
A few yards of ball chain (you can cut it to your desired length)
4 medium grommets and grommet attachment tool
Sewing machine
Optional: Small square of Velcro for the closure
Glue gun/glue stick to attach the Velcro


The first thing you’re going to do is to cut off the portion of the bib with the neck closure. Use your ruler and pencil to draw a straight horizontal line and repeat the process on the second bib.

Make sure that your line is in the same spot on both bibs. When you’re confident that they line up perfectly, cut along the line and remove the neck closure portion and discard it.

You’ll then have the front and back pieces of your purse. The top lip of the bag where you cut with the scissors will need to be folded over and sewn so that the top of your bag doesn’t have a raw edge. So carefully fold the “good” side of the bag down about a half an inch and sew. Do not use pins as it will leave holes in the vinyl. Just do your best to hold it flat as you sew. Repeat the process with the other piece of the purse.

Then place the two pieces of the purse “good” sides together and sew along the outline of the purse. When you’re done, carefully turn the bag inside out.

Almost done!

It’s time to use your grommet installation tool to install two grommets on each side of the bag as shown in the photograph above.

Afterwards loop ball chain through the holes and close the ball chain with a ball chain connector.

If you would like to make a closure for the bag use a glue gun to attach a Velcro circle or square to each side of the inside of the bag.

Tips & hints: Ball chain is available  inexpensively at the hardware store. It’s usually sold by the yard and the connectors are usually sold in prepackaged pouches nearby.

As far as finding bibs, I found these at a discount shop. If you can’t find vinyl baby bibs you can also use vinyl children’s art smocks in a small size for this project.

This project was contributed by Faith Sugarman from


  1. Oops! can’t type I meant “spring”You can use clothes pin (spring type) to hold the vinyl flat to sew the edge and it won’t leave holes.

  2. You can use clothes pin (sprinf type) to hold the vinyl flat to sew the edge and it won’t leave holes.

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