Vintage Christmas Cones

Vintage Christmas Cones

This kids Christmas craft shows you how to make small cones and embellish them with vintage images from paper print outs or fabric.

What you need

card / glitter/ glue/ ribbon
Vintage images


Use the pattern on the printable pattern sheet for your cone shapes.

Glue you cone together with craft glue and allow to dry.

If you have not used colored cardboard you can paint your cones or cover them with scrapbooking paper or fabric.

Finish off by printing out a vintage image onto the front of the cone. You can also use vintage cards or Christmas card images bought from a dollar store.

Finish off with a cord or ribbon for hanging and fill with sweets.

If you need to take your cone to someones house then add the sweets into a plastic bag and tuck the bag into the cone that way you wont spill any.

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