Table Centerpiece – Christmas Balls

Table Centerpiece – Christmas Balls

This Christmas craft is easy to make and makes a beautiful table centerpiece.

What you need

13-14 Gold Balls
Poinsettia Flowers
Holly leaves
BBQ Plate basket or similar


This arrangement is made in a BBQ basket that is used to support your paper plates. Alternatively a small flat cane basket will work great too.

Start by gluing down your large balls. They should be arranged in a circle around the bottom of the basket.

Next add a second layer above the first, almost like you are building a pyramid out of the balls.

Once you have your desired height, go back and fill in the gaps with the poinsettia heads and holly leaves .

Secure each item with glue.

For added Christmas spirit, sprinkle the arrangement with fragrant oil such as pine or cinnamon.


  1. This is a beautiful and creative idea.

  2. I’ll have to bookmark this and make it next year. It’s very sweet.

  3. Very attractive.

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