Vintage Bead Santa

Vintage Bead Santa

Create cute little people made from Vintage jewelry which is no longer wearable. It is very simple to make - just beads and one wire. These little cuties can be made into keychains, magnets, ornaments, gift toppers, gifts or just to have around. This is my way of keeping the past alive one bead at a time.

What you need

Beads and one 22 gauge wire uncoated approximately 24″ long
No Tools required


Vintage Bead People

Step 1


Take wire about 2 ft to 30” long and fold in half, slide one small bead on one wire and twist the top.

Step 2


With both wires together slide on Head bead and if you have any bead caps you can add them too.

Step 3


 Split the wires and on one wire slide 3 arm beads and 1 hand bead.

 Step 4 – How to make arms and legs


After the last bead is on bypass the last bead and go back up through the remaining beads and pull tight to body.

Step 5 –


On other wire repeat step 4 to create other arm and pull tight to body.

Step 6 –


With both wires together slide on top body and lower body beads

 Step 7 –


Separate Wires and repeat step 4 above but put 4 leg beads and 1 foot bead. Pull tight to body. On other wire create other leg same as before.

Step 8 –


Now you are done .. With the extra wire you can either go back up through the body and wrap it around a couple times then cut or wherever you find space just wrap to secure and cut.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!