Pineapple Chocolate Bouquet

Pineapple Chocolate Bouquet

This tutorial shows you how to make a chocolate bouquet using a champagne bottle. The finished bouquet looks like a pineapple.

What you need

Yellow and Green Tissue Paper
Craft glue
60 Ferror Rocher Chocolates or similar
4-5 yards of raffia or twine for the neck of the bottle
1 Champagne or wine bottle. Round bottles work best.


For this tutorial the hardest thing is not eating the chocolates as you go. :). Make sure your bottle is clean and ready to go.

Start by cutting out squares of tissue paper around 4-5 cms or 3 inches in size. These are then glued to the bottom of the chocolate (leave the Ferror’s in the brown liner.)

Rumple the yellow tissue around the chocolate. You need to do this for all 60 of the chocolates.


Next place glue onto the bottle and work from the base up. Start on a small section at a time. You will need to hold each chocolate in place for a few seconds to allow for the glue to stick. I was able to pop 3-4 chocolates on at a time and hold them all together, then work on the next section. Make sure your bottom layer is not overhanging the bottle as you need your bottle to sit firmly on a table. Keep doing this until you get to the neck of the bottle.


Using green tissue paper cut out leaves around 6-7 inches long. Layer these down the neck of the bottle starting from the top and working your way down. You want these to flop over and look natural.


Once they have dried use the raffia to wrap the remaining part of the bottle. All finished.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!