VHS Tape Clutch Purse: Crochet Pattern

VHS Tape Clutch Purse: Crochet Pattern

If you have any of these the VHS tapes still around then turn them into funky retro crafts using the tape inside to knit a bag. Recycle and up cycle whilst making a
statement piece.

What you need

Approximately 1/4 of a VHS tape worth of film
U.S. size I crochet hook
1 inch button



STEP 1: Find and collect old VHS Tapes. Keep in mind, one VHS tape worth of film will make quite a few projects. .

STEP 2: Rewind or fast forward VHS tape to beginning or end to save time winding film later.

STEP 3: Remove all of the screws from the back side of the VHS tape… mine had five screws.

STEP 4: Pull apart sides to open the VHS tape case and remove the film. PURSE Chain 21.

ROW 1: SC in second CH from hook and in each CH across. CH 2, turn. (20 SC’S) *Chain 2 counts as first HDC now and throughout.*

ROW 2: 1 HDC in next SC and in each SC across. CH 1, turn. (20 HDC’S)

ROW 3: SC Iin each HDC ACROSS. CH 2 and turn. (20 SC’S)

ROWS 4 – 22: Repeat rows 2 and 3. FLAP

ROW 23: HDC in front loop only of each SC across. CH 1, turn.

ROW 24: SC in back loop only of each HDC across. CH 2, turn.

ROW 25: Repeat row 23.

ROW 26: Repeat row 24.

ROW 27: HDC in front loop only of 1st SC and in next 9 SC’S, CH 5, SL ST in same SC (Button hole made), HDC Iin front loop only of last 10 SC’S. CH 1, turn.

ROW 28: SC in back loop only of 1st HDC and in next 9 SC, 5 SC in loop, SC in back loop only of last 10 SC. End off film.


Fold bottom of purse to row before flap begins with right sides facing each other (purse inside-out). Join film to bottom right corner and crocheting through both layers, SL ST side together. Continue slip stitching around flap and down other side, do not slip stitch across bottom. End off film. FINISHING Turn purse right-side out, attach button according to where button hole rests with flap down. Weave in ends.



  1. great way to use old vhs. look out yard sales!!!!

  2. i just finished making one of these, and i love it! i used a cream coloured button, and added a stap by making a crochet chain with more vhs tape. it’s probably not going to be very practical, but i know loads of people who’ll want one when they see mine. especially little girls!

  3. kevychevy says

    I think this is a great idea to get rid of the old tapes that people have laying around and just collecting dust! What a great to recycle to!! I really like this idea and will be sure to try it out sometime.

  4. I think it would be even cooler (and an awesome use of the WHOLE tape) if you cut out the plastic so you only have the hard front and back of the VHS got some cool funky eighties-ish material (or bed sheets) and glued (makes sure to seam the parts not glued) to the front and back so it would open accordion style and make that a clutch to. Two clutches 1 tape!

  5. Sounds like an interesting project. I will give it a try. I just wish the picture of the project had displayed.

  6. EXCELLENT IDEA! I( love the idea of making use of the tape as yarn. Nice job

  7. its a good idea, but this will end up causing you more problems. warm, humid temperaures speed its decomposition, and the recording metal flaking off will cause a mess. Maybe use a different medium?

  8. Excellent idea! Never thought Video tape could be so elegant.

  9. beats seeing VHS tape fluttering un-prettily in the trees! Could make a bigger one for shopping

  10. cottoncandy2281 says

    wow!!! this craft is very unusual—- but in a really good way!!!- ic an tell that you are very handy in the craft department!!!

  11. Seems like you could’ve used the case to make a clutch out of – crocheting one out of the tape is like using paltic bags – kinda out of date.

  12. Finally a project for all of those VHS tapes I’ll never watch again.

  13. I loved the idea and actually made a beach bag out of vcr tape. This is not a project you can work on while watching TV though. It is noisy, noisy, noisy and a bit irritating. Love the recycle aspect of it!!

  14. popcorn0123 says

    I love it! that is such a great idea! I have all sorts of old VHS tapes that i never watch any more! ^-^

  15. Good idea but a bit funny looking.

  16. awesome!

  17. i crochet constantly. my daughter put me on to this and i can hardly wait to get started. trudie conner

  18. Always like to see a project that is made of or with recycled material. The idea is great and got me to thinking. Thanks,Ray

  19. OMG, that is some kee-YOOOOOT!!! It just might make this “old biddy” dig out the crochet hooks that I haven’t seen since two moves ago. On second thought, maybe I’ll just buy one, it’s less hassle. Now, one for each niece… but ONE FOR ME FIRST!!!!!

  20. Definitely something different….

  21. …But what to do with the leftover VHS shell?? Cuuuute!

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