Very Special Box

Very Special Box

This project is a great little gift. You can add a small magnet onto the bottom of small boxes to pop onto the fridge. I have made 100's of these for school fetes and fund-raisers.

What you need

Small gift box
Wrapping paper


Take a small box and wrap it up with gift wrap. If you don’t have a small box use small wood blocks, foam or even wrapped match boxes. It really doesn’t matter what size or shape your box is as it is only symbolic.

Wrap the box up with ribbon and print out and attach the following poem.

This is a very special gift

That you can never see

The reason it’s so special is

It’s just for you from me.

Whenever you are lonely

Or are ever feeling blue

You only have to hold this gift

And know I’m hugging you.

You never can unwrap it

Please leave the ribbon tied

Just hold the box close to your heart

It’s filled with hugs inside.



  1. DEBRA PARKER says

    What a thoughtful poem and exactly the thing I need as my husband leaves going into long term care.rhanks

  2. True experience is the best teacher

  3. Vickistar says

    I’ve been looking for ideas of home-made gifts to give to my best friend and second mum for her birthday, and I found this! I made it today, decorated it to make it look really special and can’t wait to give it to her in a couple of days! Thanks so much for giving me a great idea to let my friend know how much I love her xx

  4. What a thoughtful gift of friendship and love. Who wouldn’t want to get this and feel that someone really cares.

  5. very simple and nice

  6. I was looking for this, my daughter made one many years ago, and the words got lost. I wanted my five year old to make one for her teacher. Even to this day, it brings tears to my eyes.

  7. Lovely

  8. Great, i think i will try it.

  9. This is the most beautious saying and I have someone in mind! Thank you for the great idea!!

  10. I love this. I bought one for my mom years ago at a craft fair and knew I had to get it. You see my mom had cancer and we knew she did not have much time left. I lived 400 miles away and could not see her as often as I wanted. Mom loved it, we both teared up (like i am now) when I gave it to her. After mom passed away the “very special gift” was mine, it makes me feel close to her every time I read it.
    The wording on mine is slightly different too. This would be a great idea for kids to make for Valentines Day.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is such a wonderful idea, I am going to make it for family and friends for Christmas this year! This is what makes life special.

  12. Just reading the title of this project I knew exactly what it was. My grandmother gave one to my mom when I was very little, and my mom gave it to me when I went to college. Last Christmas my mom gave one to my niece; I tearing up now just thinking about it.

    If you do make this for someone, or if you have one yourself – be sure to keep it some where you’ll semi-regularly find it, maybe three or four times a month. I keep mine with my recipes, which doesn’t say much about how often I cook, but I always smile when I see it again.

    Mine varies slightly in the wording, and you can see it has a little flexibility there. Now that I’m thinking about this, I’ve just decided to give one to all of my friends this year.

    This comment is so personal, I’m sorry for anyone who suffered through till the very end!

  13. I loved this project, and the person i gave it too loved it. It’s very sweet to give to some one for any holiday or just because. And its really easy to make! you can decorate it however you want to make look very cool. What I did was find interesting designs on the internet and printed them out to fit the box and put my own little twist to it. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THE IDEA!!!!!

  14. Absolutely love this! Thank you!

  15. My moma tracy (my adopted mom) gave me a box with that poem on it itbrought tears to my eyes. The most heart felt gift I ever recived.

  16. the best presents are home-made && this is the cutest thing ever! thanks for the idea!

  17. What a lovely idea, I am going to do a few of these for my special friends.

  18. Very sweet, i will use it this christmas!
    Thank you!

  19. This is sooooooo sweet!

  20. sniff …. sniff…. such a thoughtful gift!

  21. awwww. how dear:D

  22. How CUTE!!!!!!!

  23. this is a very thoughtful and sweet gift idea. im thinking about making 1 and giving it to one of my bffs. 🙂

  24. Amazing!

  25. That brought tears to my eyes also…sniff sniff…love this idea!

  26. ADORABLE!! i have tears! I will defenatly give this to my best friend! that is soo sweet and cute! thanks! <3

  27. I have a friend who could really use one of these right now.
    How do you people come up with this stuff? Lol, it’s amazing! =0)

  28. i made some … then ppl kept telling me “are you sure there’s nothing inside

  29. this is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute, i am going to make one for Amy (my bff).

    I’m doing my mum one 🙂

  31. HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. i think this is a fab project ideal for beaver scouts for there mums for mother s day

  33. love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I LOVE THIS! I’m going to have my 3 grandchildren make these for their parents!

  35. This gift sounds corny. As corny as corn!

  36. When I was 6, I made one for my mother at my grandma’s house now I am 12 and every year under the Chistmas tree,is a very special box that holds “Love” inside.It’s a way to show some one you care.

  37. This project is sooo cute I sent it in the mail to my aunt. I cant wait to hear what she says!!

  38. my loved her kit she said it was frekin awsom

  39. This is soooo sweet, love it!!! <3

  40. awww so cute!! =)


  42. Lil' Miss Craftyness says

    aww so sweet 🙂

  43. My son and I were separated for a very long time and only saw each other every 2nd weekend and holidays. On one of these visits when he was 4 he gave me this gift . He is now 22 and loves that I still hold it when I feel blue.

    He made his at Daycare. If 4 yr olds can do it anyone can.
    Now I will help my grandchildren make some.

  44. wow thanks i’m gonna make these!

  45. mine is great and i am giving one to my cuz. I think its the best and the easy’ est. mine turned out brill

  46. filled with “love” inside.
    i received one when i was in school & thought it was sweet.

  47. I made one… and then i realised i didnt want to be remembered as the girl who gave an empty box and a poem.

  48. It’s really cute and special. The poem is really meaningful. 😀

  49. I made one of these for my best friend when she moved and she loved it. She still has it today.

  50. I was feeling bad then I read this.Thank you

  51. I made these for all of my Sunday School class one year, and, of course someone had to open it before she read the poem. They make such precious gifts.

  52. Simple elegant perfectly touching good for anyone to make at any age. Wonderful to give or receive. Thank you 😀

  53. I do crafts with seniors with dementia. This is great for them to make and give.

  54. My little brother made one for me about 25 yrs ago, I still have it and cherish it like none other. PERFECT

  55. I made this for my mom! 🙂 she loved it and now my friend is making one for her mom! I think it’s really cute and touching! <3

  56. Craft Freak says

    I lov it!
    My friend and I have gotten seperated for 2 and a half years so I will send this little gift back with my Nan to give to her!

  57. I love this! It’s so sweet. I gave it to my best friend for her birthday and she loved it! This is a wonderful idea! And it’s so simple too!

  58. so heartwarming!

  59. its really good

  60. I really love this gift… my bestfriend made it for me before she died… and she told me to open it when she died and so I did and inside was a note that told me how grateful she was that we were friends…..

  61. I really think this is very sentimental and very special..Great Idea!

  62. Wow! Excellent idea.
    I’m giving one to my best friend as we are Year 7’s and are going to different high schools.
    Thanks a million! 😀

  63. This sounds like it would be nice if anyone wanted to send something to the troops..
    Also, if you want to “go green” you could search how to make a small box from your greeting cards (christmas, birthday, etc) it looks like it would be just the right sz

  64. I like this one…really an all-occasion gift!

  65. excellent~

  66. I love this progect for my friend.

  67. How much do you charge for each box? Want to make them for fundraising. Great idea for gift. Nancy

  68. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. My now 21 yr old daughter made this for me when she was in the 1st grade, it still sits on my dresser and I still cherish it as much now as I did then, so to any teachers that want a great class project, this is one of the best

  70. Brilliant! XD

  71. soooooooooooooooo cool

  72. love it

  73. Awesome project! Thank you!

  74. So excited to find this poem and idea I saw this somewhere years ago and have been looking for it eversince thank you

  75. great gift for anyone you love im making a lot of them

  76. so sweet! A perfect gift for someone you love!


  78. That is a brilliant idea

  79. That is a brilliant idea

  80. love it! easy ! sweet ! kind ! great for my mum!

  81. oh this is such a sweet gift! im going to make one and give it to my crush for his birthday

  82. From the heart!
    Oh, so cute!

  83. I love it. It is so easy and has a powerful message of love.

  84. This is really a special gift! Its so cool and meaingful. I’m giving some to my familly this year. I’m going to put something in it though so it will appear like there are actually hugs in there.

  85. good job

  86. love it

  87. a nice poem

  88. easy to make and sweet

  89. This is a wonderful idea!!! I love it. I just moved far away from family for college and this helps a ton. It is very sweet and heartfelt, thank you to whoever posted this!

  90. I think it is a very heart warming gift especially if the person you give it to is someone your not going to see for a lonng amount of time.
    I am going to do so and I hope thay love it!! I am sure they will!

  91. that is so cute

  92. i loved it because anyone i give it to says how much they love it! i do it every year but for someone diff. love it

  93. that is the perfect gift because i just moved and i miss my brst friend very much

  94. I love how easy this craft is, it was really fun and saved me a lot of money!

  95. arkcitylady says

    My club will be making these and giving them to the nursing home residents.

  96. amazing! Gave me a great idea on what i should make for all my friends!

  97. i love it it is so cute foe my mom

  98. love it! its so sweet

  99. just georgeous. hav altered words to suit own indivuality.

  100. perfect 4 my g-ma and g-pa. they in habitat 4 humanity and go far away to like florida during winter. Its perfect.

  101. i love it..!!it’s a simple yet very sweet gift..=)

  102. I love this craft! I had recieved one years ago, and now am sending it as a little christmas gift to my husband and his soldiers in Afganastan. Thank you sooo much!!!

  103. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. love it all

  105. its very touching….but someone might open it, i think the poem should say “there is nothing inside” lol

  106. its great idea but i got 1 of those and opened it cause i though somthing was in side so make sure they know nothings in there!hehe

  107. That’s so sweet! My mom will love it. Thanks!

  108. Really Cute!!

  109. I love it!!!
    I made it for my mom for christmas I know she will love it.

  110. Love it. Sometimes those you want to hug live far away. This is great for my Granddaughters who live 1000 mile away and are going through a hard time right now. It will remind them that Grandma cares and really loves them.

  111. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    cute idea!love it..i will make this for my great-grandmother,and my aunt!love it…josie

  112. Fantastic. All my friends are getting one for Christmas as I can’t afford to buy presents and these will be cheap to make but will look good. Thanks.

  113. Crazy4Chocolate says

    Love it. You could put something that smells good inside.

  114. This sounds so great. I love your idea. I would like to receive that as a gift.


  116. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    I used to sell them for around $2

  117. how much did you charge for your box?

  118. i really liked your idea ,it was a very good project for kids (like me)to give to their mom,dad,or grandma

  119. I think it would be a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift!!! 10/10

  120. My mum was given one of these after being diagnosed with cancer, She still looks at it daily 2 1/2 years later. It is a comfort from a friend 🙂

  121. Here’s a thought. Hug the person each time you see them instead of giving them a box that will collect dust.

  122. aussielee says

    Have made them years ago, they were a hit back then. I lost the poem, so thank you, I can make more of them now. I had added a magnet,so they could be put on the frig….

  123. I think this is a very cute idea.

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