Dahlia Floral Bedspread

Dahlia Floral Bedspread

This crochet pattern for a dahlia floral bedspread is from a vintage print publication.

What you need

Solarized Crochet Cotton 38 cones (800 yds) Ecru or White.
Crochet hook size 8


Ch 10, join.

RND 1: 18 tr in circle.

RND 2: 24 sc, using back of st only.

RND 3: 28 sc, using back of st only.

RND 4: 36 sc, using back of st only.

RND 5: 48 sc, using back of st only.

RND 6: 54 sc, using back of st only.

RND 7: * ch 4, skip 2 sts, 1 dc in next st, and repeat from * around.

RND 8: Sc in each ch st and 3 sc over each dc.

RND 9 to 18 incl: Like rnd 8 always having 3 sc in the middle one of the 3 sc of preceding rnd. When 18th rnd is finished, the dahlia will have 18 leaves and each leaf will have 28 sc. Fold leaf so that the first 6 sts will lie over the last 6 sts of the previous leaf.

RND 19: * Work 6 sc of the 12 sc as they lie together. Leave 16 sc loose and in back of them ch 4 and repeat from * around, join.

RND 20 and 21: Sc in each st.

RND 22: 2 dc with ch 3 between, * ch 1, 13 dc with ch 1 between, skipping 1 sc each time. This covers 3 leaves. Ch 3, dc in same space as last, and repeat from * around, join.

RND 23: 2 dc with ch 3 between in the ch 3 of previous rnd. Ch 1, dc over dc, ch 1 over ch 1 all around. Each rnd has 2 dc, ch 3 between over each corner of the dahlia, thus widening the medallion.

RND 24: Dc in each st all around with 2 dc and ch 3 at each corner.

RND 25: After the 2 dc with ch 3 between, * 5 dc, 1 popcorn st (7 dc in one st. Remove hook and pass hook through the st of the first dc and st of the last dc and draw together. Ch 1 to hold it solid), and repeat from * 3 times forming 4 popcorns in section, widen as usual and repeat on the 6 sides.

RNDS 26 and 27: Solid dc (be sure to widen at corners).

RND 28: * Dc, ch 1, and repeat from * all around widening as usual. Must be 20 holes. The hexagon blocks may be sewed or crocheted together.

Use Solarized Crochet Cotton.

EDGING: * Ch 5, turn, 3 dc in 3rd st, 1 ch, 3 dc in same st, ch 5 to turn, and repeat from * for length desired. Sew on spread when edge is completed.

FRINGE: Using cardboard 10 inches wide, wrap 12 times, double knot fringe taking 6 strands in each for second knot.


  1. might change from a 3 to a 5 with better info on what size thread(?) or yarn(?) to use – is this an 8 hook as in “H” or the teeny metal 8 type? thx

  2. LauraNabetani says

    What is meant by “solarized crochet cotton”? I love the pattern and can’t wait to get started, but I want to buy the correct cotton. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

  3. gorgeous…!!!

  4. crochetqueenofjust15 says

    So Cute!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to get started…..

  5. I really need someone to explain me how to fold the leaves and what follows after round 18. Maybe it is a little ambitious for a first project.If you could be so kind, me e-mail is deyanira555@yahoo.com.ar. Thank you

  6. I have made this and it works up like a dream.

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