Velum Luminaries

Velum Luminaries

This project shows you how to make simple but elegant luminaries using A4 sized paper that you can theme to your event, invitations and table settings.

What you need

Velum A4 Paper
Craft blade
Craft glue


Start by folding your paper into 4 length-ways as shown.

Luminary Step 1

Luminary Step 2

Luminary Step 3

Next using your blade or some scissors cut along each fold at one end of the paper. This cut should be around 3 inches.

Next fold each of them up to create flaps.

Glue these flaps down to form a box as shown.

Finish It off with a small tea light candle.


  1. personalized stationery says

    What a great idea for using vellum paper! I love it.

  2. the only thing i would do different is allow for about a quarter inch at one end, fold it over, and then seal it to the other end of the luminary. should keep it together pretty nicely :). I actually tried your idea with Tracing paper and it worked PERFECTLY…except for sealing it together. Thanx much for the BEST and EASIEST idea for DIY luminaries I’ve seen yet!!!

  3. Great idea, yet I think I’d embellish on it and learn a new box fold to make it a little more interesting. Maybe use those battery operated fake-flame tea-lights so you could cover the top up? Eaahh, just an idea…

  4. Interesting. Thanks for sharing

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