Valentine’s Day Votive

Valentine’s Day Votive

Glass votive are very inexpensive but can be quite plain. With this quick project you can see just how easy it is to personalize your votive candles.

What you need

Adhesive Felt Hearts
or Craft Stickers
Optional Gift box
Glass votive


These make great Valentine’s day crafts for school, churches or other groups.

Take your stickers and apply them to the glass in your design. Don’t cover the glass up too much or the candle light will not show through.

For a decorative gift, make a matching gift box to go with the candle.

You are only limited by your imagination and your supplies.


  1. Jay Withanee says

    Not sure feathers and flames are a good combination!

  2. Instead of one sticker use small heart, glitter stickers, all around the cup.

  3. cute. but i hot glued candy hearts to candle votives. Very cute!! it was a hit at work! everyone got one!

  4. says

    Good idea, but maybe one shouldn’t use feathers for decoration if there will be a lit candle. Thanks for the ideas!

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