DIY Heart Topiary For Valentine’s Day

DIY Heart Topiary For Valentine’s Day

This Valentine's day project shows you how to make a heart topiary perfect for decorations, romantic table centerpieces and craft room decorations.

What you need

6″ Styrofoam Ball,
2 4″ Styrofoam Discs,
2 yd of Feather Boa,
Pink and Red Glitter Foam Sheets,
Wooden Dowel,
Flower Pot,
Green Tissue Paper,
Valentine’s Scrapbook Paper,
Hot Glue or other Adhesive.


Step 1:

Glue one end of your feather boa to the top of your styrofoam ball . Wrap your feather boa around your Styrofoam ball, gluing it down as your go. When you get to the bottom of your Styrofoam ball, insert one end of your wooden dowel into the bottom of your Styrofoam ball. Secure the end of the feather boa with glue.


Step 2:

From your red and pink glitter foam sheets, cut 12 2” hearts or wooden hearts. Glue them onto the topiary, place them in different spots around the ball.


Step 3:

Using glue, cover your flower pot in a cute piece of Valentine themed scrapbook paper. My flower pot is 4.5” tall, so I trimmed my paper into 2 4.5” x 12” pieces.





Step 4:

Insert the 2 Styrofoam discs into the bottom of your flower pot. Secure them with glue.

Step 5:

Stick the bottom end of your dowel (The opposite end from the topiary) into the Styrofoam in the pot.


Step 6:

Tie a small piece of ribbon around your dowel, just below your topiary.


Step 7:

Cut your green tissue paper into 1” wide strips. Slightly crumble them and arrange them in the top of your pot, to hide the Styrofoam.


And you’re done!


  1. Love it:-)

  2. Great idea have to try it:-)

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