Valentine’s Day Craft: Candy Frame

Valentine’s Day Craft: Candy Frame

This Valentine's Day Project is the perfect little activity for a kids craft in the classroom.

What you need

Conversation Heart Candies
Wooden Picture frame
Pink Paint
Craft Glue
Spray Varnish


Start by painting a wooden frame into your favorite color – we used pink.

Once it is dried, craft glue  the conversation heart candies (trying not to eat more than you glue) onto the frame. Make sure your frame is lying down flat so they don’t slide off as you go.

Finish off the frame with a gentle coat of spray varnish. Don’t apply it too thick as it will cause the candy to become wet and start to dissolve and fizz.

Once you have one coat of spray varnish on allow to dry and apply another light coat.

You can leave off the varnish but be weary of ants trying to eat the sugar.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!