Dollar Tree Sunflower Peg Wreath

Dollar Tree Sunflower Peg Wreath

This wreath is made using basic supplies from the Dollar Tree store to create a sunflower springtime wreath. 

What you need

See instructions below


This wreath is made using basic supplies from the Dollar Tree store  to create a sunflower springtime wreath.

To begin you will need some basic supplies including a wire wreath form

(Updated to add this can also be made using a pizza tray as the base) . available at Dollartree or other similar discount stores.

You will need wooden pegs.  These pegs have been handpainted for this wreath using paints, you can also use a spray paint such a Krylon spray paint. Great if you are doing , multiple projects as it really speeds up the painting process.

There are two layers to these pegs, the top layer is all yellow and the bottom layer is half yellow and half black, the black or brown is for the middle of the wreath form. Once painted, glue the pegs into place with the black/yellow going on the bottom and closer to the centre. if you are using a pizza tray then these go onto the tray first with the yellow ones sitting above.


Using faux plastic flowers create a small kiss of plastic sunflowers on to the side of your wreath. Use a strong durable glue like hot glue or E6000 to secure it.  Finish off by adding moss to the centre. Alternatively, you could add brown crepe paper or brown fabric scraps tussled into the middle.

This photo was contributed by Melissa M B, Thanks for sharing your DIY creation Melissa


  1. Shanlynn says

    If you look closely, you can see the black and yellow clothespins are in the middle. They blend in nicely with the center.

  2. I didn’t see any black and tan clothespins in the center of the photo? did she just not use that color?

  3. They are called “clothespins”

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