Free Printable: Valentine’s Chair Envelope Pouch

Free Printable: Valentine’s Chair Envelope Pouch

This Valentine's day tutorial shows you how to make a fun back of the chair envelope for collecting cards. Perfect for the classroom or loads of fun for your office chair.

What you need

3 9×12″ Sheets of Felt,
1 Sheet of Red Felt,
Ribbon or RicRac,
Needle and Embroidery Thread


Download this free valentine printable pattern to get started.

Step 1


Cut a scallop edge around 2 of your white felt sheets. You can use a scallop template or scallop scissors or just freehand it. These are the main pieces of your envelope.

Step 2


 Cut the pattern out and pin the heart to red felt, and the scalloped triangle to your last sheet of white felt. Cut them out.

Step 3

Lightly sketch out a word (Your name, or a word like “love”) onto your triangle using a pencil. Thread a piece of red thread into your needle, knot one end of it, and embroider your name.




Step 4



Cut 2 20” pieces of ribbon or ricrac. These will be the straps you can use to tie this to the back of your chair.

Step 5

Take one of your main envelope pieces (the white scalloped rectangles) and pin the center of both ribbon pieces to the back. You want them about 3” from the outside edge, about 1” down from the top edge. Stitch them down by making a few stitches in the middle where you pinned them.


Step 6

Pin the red felt heart on to the bottom tip of the triangle, and stitch around the heart. You should be stitching the heart to the triangle here.

Step 7

Pin the triangle on to the top of your front main envelope piece (the piece without the ribbon). Thread your needle with red embroidery thread, knot one end of the thread and stitch the triangle down onto the main envelope piece.


Step 8

Place the front of your envelope (the piece with the triangle and heart) face up on top of the back envelope piece (the piece with the ribbons – You want the ribbons face down). Thread your needle with another piece of red embroidery thread, knot one end and sew the 2 main pieces together. Only sew the sides and bottom – Leave the top open!

Tie to the back of your classroom chair and let your friends put Valentines in it!



  1. Cute I might bring mine to work to show it off.

  2. i love this idea

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