Valentine’s Card – Forever Dream Love

Valentine’s Card – Forever Dream Love

This card making project shows you how to make a romantic handmade card.

What you need

5″ x 7″ white folded greeting card with envelope
5″ x 7″ red cardstock
.5mm thick brown ribbon
.5mm thick red ribbon
“love” scrapbook embellishments with “love” letters
Craft stick glue
3D foam dots 1/16″ thick


This card is very simple to do, because mostly everything you bought is ready to use.

First, glue your red sheet of cardstock directly onto the greeting card.

Next, you would need to place your letters “love” on the bottom of your card.

Once you have done that,  place both of your ribbons right above the letters, using your 3D foam dots.

You’re almost done, but you need to decorate it by adding some of your “love” scrapbook embellishments.

Place them anywhere you would like.


  1. I agree with the others. It very simple, yet the embellishments are really neat. But overall, I think I like it:)

  2. Um… it’s alright. I think it’s too plain though. It would need more layering, in my opinion. But it’s cute, I like the embellishments.

  3. This is also a simple but neat idea for a card

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