Upcycled Shopping Tote – Festive Tree

Upcycled Shopping Tote – Festive Tree

This Christmas craft project shows you how to up-cycle a reusable store shopping bag for a festive Christmas theme.

What you need

Red re-usable Shopping Bag / Enviro bag or tote
Green Felt 20″x 16″
Small amount of gold felt
Fabric paint


Step 1: Cut out 105 leaves around 1 inch wide x 2/5 inch long.

Step 2: Begin with the bottom row and glue 12 leaves on.

Step 3: Just glue the widest end and put into position with the tip.of the leaf pointing downwards.

Step 4: Continue up the tree and off set each row and decrease the amount as you go.

Step 5: Make sure the leaves are overlapping so every glued section is covered by the next row up.

Step 6: Finish off with the gold felt star. Paint the tips of the leaves with glitter.

Christmas Tote Closeup

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