Upcycled Coffee Pod Capsule Holder

Upcycled Coffee Pod Capsule Holder

This tutorial shows you how to make a unique coffee pod holder using a teacup and saucer.

What you need

Large oversized tea cup
saucer or plate
hot glue
knife or metal ruler
coffee pod or capsules
two to three heavy magnets or nuts (optional)


For this project I used an oversized coffee cup so that it would hold more pods.


You can use whatever suits you but take into consideration the balance when finished. If yours is unbalanced when finished you can add a few heavy nuts or bolts to the plate to weigh it down. You can also simply rest it against a wall for support as I have done.

Start by taking a metal ruler or knife/ fork and bending it into position. Next you will need to glue it. I used hot melt to get me started and once the whole project was completed I went back and added silicone.

DSC09678  DSC09680

You can rest the cup down whilst it dries.


The next thing to do is to attach the cascading pods, Yes these are full and glued into position. These ones will become unusable.


Next add the weights if needed to the plate and then lay out your pods.


All done! Enjoy your new coffee pod holder!


  1. you can be a designer

  2. It’s a cool decoration but I wouldn’t call it a pod holder per-se. How about using used pods (i don’t think it would look terrible) and on the plate you could put unused pods (you can even stack them)…then it would really be a pod holder.

  3. Why not glue clean used pods cups to the cascade, then next new ones onsidecso there’s no waste?

What do you think of this project? Let us know!