Scrap Fabric Christmas Flower

Scrap Fabric Christmas Flower

You can use scrap fabrics to make this decor and it can be a great addition to your Christmas decoration.

What you need

To make this project you’ll need:
1. Fabric – satin or tissue
2. Scissors
3. Hot glue gun
4. Needle and thread
5. Felt
6. Vintage button or bead
7. Satin ribbons


flower wreath (1)

Prepare fabrics by cutting them into square pieces. You will need to make 2 flowers, each flowers having 4 petals. We’ll be using these square fabric pieces to make the flowers.

flower wreath (2)

Take any one fabric piece and fold it into half diagonally, forming a triangle. Then fold that triangle into half again. Hold the folds firmly.flower wreath (3)

Prepare needle and thread. Simply do a running stitch along the open ends of the folded triangle piece. Do not cut off the thread. Stitch 3 more similar pieces to same thread. Once you’re done stitching all 4 pieces pull the thread to bring all 4 pieces together by creating fringes on the center and then tie 2 tight knots to secure them.


Use a different type of fabric to create more petals but this time keep them separate. Do not form flowers with them. Use green fabric to create the leaves similarly.

flower wreath (4)

Prepare a piece of felt, large enough to place all the petals and flowers. Glue the 4 petaled flower on the center of the felt. And then glue the other 4 petaled flower on the center of the first flower.flower wreath (5)

Now glue the separate petals one by one around the center flower. After gluing all red separate petals glue the green ones (leaves). flower wreath (6)

Use green and red satin ribbons for the rest of the decoration. Glue them with the flower but make sure to glue them under the petals.



What do you think of this project? Let us know!