Tree Ornaments – Cinnamon & Applesauce

Tree Ornaments – Cinnamon & Applesauce

This free Christmas craft project shows you how to make your own scented handmade tree ornaments.

What you need

3/4 cup of Applesauce
1 cup of Cinnamon
(Add 1 tbs of white glue for more stability)


Use a large bowl and place the applesauce in and mix in cinnamon till a soft ball forms.

Cut out with cookie cutters and dry in oven at 250’f (130’c) until completely dry. Turn over once.

Be sure to put a hole in top so that you can thread twine, ribbon or even string through and hang on tree.

Store them in an airtight container.


  1. How long in the oven for these? I just rolled out 18 hearts and they are in the oven now. Any idea? Thanks!

  2. can you any cookie cutter

  3. I just love it, I have been looking for this dough for a long time.
    A friend from Atlanta,GA makes these and puts them on dried apple wreaths.
    Kathy McKlemurry, Waverly,TN

  4. We made these for PTA gifts one year for teachers. We added glitter to the mix which gave a nice sparkle to the ornaments. We used a drinking straw to make the hole for the ribbon.

    After ornaments dried, we used puffy paint to write the year on them. I still have mine from the mid 1990’s! Still smell good!

  5. Use these for garlands too.

  6. I add glue to mine, it helps them not crumble as easily.

  7. What size jars??
    My recipe calls for some Elmer’s glue,but the dough gets dry too quick.

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