Christmas Tree Sweatshirt Cut Out

Christmas Tree Sweatshirt Cut Out

Fun Christmas craft: Cut up a t-shirt or sweatshirt with this Christmas tree outline!

What you need

1 t-shirt or sweatshirt
1 pair of scissors
1 free Christmas tree template download


I drew this illustration so it’d be easier for you guys to decide on placement and trace the shape.

  1. Save a tree image file and print it out on regular printer paper
  2. Trim the paper so it’s a smaller square
  3. Fold the tree in half and cut out all the shapes
  4. Place on your sweatshirt and decide on placement
  5. Using white fabric chalk, outline the Christmas Tree
    1. If you don’t have any fabric chalk, use regular chalkboard chalk (you could even sharpen it with a pencil sharpener)!
    2. If you have a white shirt and chalk won’t show up, use a pen but be careful because pen marks are permanent so you need to make sure you cut out all the pen marks or they’ll show up on your final product.
  6. Cut the areas out and you’ll have your Christmas tree!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!