Make A Colorful Gypsy Feather Pendant

Make A Colorful Gypsy Feather Pendant

This gypsy feather pendant is super easy to make and a great project to try out for those who love gypsy or bohemian crafts.

What you need

Feather, wooden beads, craft wire and jewelry pliers.


step (1)

Step-1: Cut a small piece of wire, around 6-8 inches. Create a small loop at one end and place the straight part of the wire along the feathers quill. Now coil the remaining wire upwards, to the loop. Cut off ectra wire if needed.

step (2)

Step-2: Gather some colorful wooden beads. Take a bead and insert it into the craft wire, create a small loop at that end. Cut the wire from the other end but keep enough wire to create another loop to secure the bead. Similarly make more wired beads.

step (3)

Step-3: ink the wired beads together through their loops. Attach charms on any one end of the linked-wired-beads.

step (4)


Step-4: Make a round shaped beaded piece as shown in the first picture of this step, make sure to keep a jump ring on the center of that piece. Now, simply attach the linked-wired beads and the feather with the round piece through jump rings. You can wear this pendant as earrings as well, enjoy!

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