Gorgeous DIY Egg Tree Ornament

Gorgeous DIY Egg Tree Ornament

Using some trim, a styrofoam egg and some buttons, create a gorgeous tree ornament for Christmas decorations.

What you need

Styrofoam egg shape
Cotton or other trim
Double sided tape
Straight pin
Pearl headed pins


Place some strips of double sided tape over egg. Use a straight pin to pin end of trim to top of egg.

Wrap trim around egg, sticking it to tape as you go.

(Note: I only used the skewer to make it easier for me to take the photos one handed. When wrapping the trim I was holding the egg directly)

With pearl headed pins add buttons in a random fashion all over egg and

Cut a piece of ribbon and add to top of egg.

First overlap the ends

Then secure with a button and pins

Your egg ornament is now complete!

This project was submitted by Francine Clouden. Visit her tutorial blog.

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