Tree Ornament Made With Tooth Picks

Tree Ornament Made With Tooth Picks

This quick Christmas craft project is so easy to make but looks so effective. And all it uses is tooth picks and a polystyrene ball!

What you need

Packet of tooth picks around 50
Polystyrene Ball (any size will do)


Take your polystyrene ball.

Take a tooth pick and press it into the ball until it feels firm.

Then take another toothpick, keep doing this till the whole ball is covered.

Then you can spray Christmas Craft Snow onto the ball or give it a very quick spray with gold paint (spray paint melts the polystyrene so try and catch the pics only).

While the paint is still wet, cover with gold glitter as we have done.

You could also use colored tooth pics if you can get them or how about using toothpicks with flags on the ends.

Glue on a ribbon to hang it up onto your Christmas tree and you’re done.


  1. I’m going to see if I can dust it with glitter :o)

  2. u should try it with pins the ones with a ball at end but superglue the sharpie part in the Styrofoam ball so the pins cannot be pulled out of it ti think it will be easier and safer

  3. love it!

  4. It is dangerous so get over it, any person with common sense whould know not to give this to a child, so don’t make a big deal about this! and just b/c 1 person says something about it shouldn’t lead 2 a page of neggitive comments!

    Good Idea:)


  5. My mother used to make a dozen or so of these, spray them with white flock spray paint (canned snow?),create a tree out of them with a round Styrofoam base. Then she would top with a large red bow, the tails of the bow would hang all the way to the table.

  6. pink_monkey says

    I think it would look less tacky if the middle was first covered in gold glitter , to hide the white .

  7. Its a good craft, but i have seen one very similar to this.

  8. Common sense!!!! Common sense!!!!
    I agree w/dianespb forks can b dangerous, so r stairs and pencils!!!

  9. It looks a little… intimidating. Like it might jump out and bite you.. It is nice and sparkly, though! = )

  10. neat idear its easy enough for a little one to do.

  11. its cute..and i agree with the guest talking about the knitting needles….so what if they are dangerous,and its vey unlikly that you could fall on this….i like it,but the way it looks is kinda wierd…still like it love josie

  12. If you’re worried about sharpness, try making them out of sweet gum balls sprayed gold/silver and use corresponding chennile stems.

  13. Very cute!
    Common sense people.
    A fork can be dangerous.

  14. how cheap and tacky looking

  15. Smart and easy Love It!

  16. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    The age group of this project has now been changed, please use your own judegment as to if your children can make this.

  17. I certainly wouldn’t recommend knitting needles for use by “all ages.” Yes, everyone should use a bit of common sense. Suggesting “all ages” stick dozens of sharp toothpicks into a styrofoam ball doesn’t qualify as common sense though.

  18. Anything now days can be dangerous. Even knitting needles are dangerous if mishandled, should we not post knitting patterns b/c of that? Use common sense, and this is actually a pretty neat project.

  19. This craft looked really pretty and easy, but it is VERY dangerous!!! What if somebody fell against that??? I really don’t think this should be on here!!

  20. This looks very pretty but I wouldn’t recommend it for pre-school or very young kids. Tooth picks are sharp and dangerous for wee ones. It’s a great idea for older kids and adults though.

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