Altered Art – Junk Bracelet

Altered Art – Junk Bracelet

This tutorial shows you how to take broken jewellery pieces and turn them into something new

What you need

Bracelet with clasp
assorted beads and scrap items
broken earrings
broken necklace chains
jump rings
jewelry wire
round nose pliers


This Altered art project shows you how to turn broken jewelry pieces, single earrings and odds and ends into a beautiful altered art junk bracelet.

The key to creating a beautiful altered art bracelet it layers of different items. For this project we used :

broken earrings
broken lengths of necklace chains
old necklace pendants

and just attached them to the bracelet chain using jump rings.

Oddments of beads have been added using jewelry nose pins that were hand made using lengths of wire. Simply take your length of wire and twist one end into a loop using your round nose pliers. Add your beads and then close the length of wire by forming another loop with your pliers.

Randomly add your oddments to the bracelet chain creating a layered look.


  1. Will definitely try this. It looks very nice and it’s a great method for recycling old jewelry instead of throwing them in the bin. On top of that I’m sentimental when it comes to jewelry (even the cheep pieces), nobody can convince me that they are junk so this idea is perfect for me.

  2. it looks awesome! cant wait to try.

  3. Oh man this is great. Do you know that I just refuse to throw stuff away so this really helps to put all my junk to use. -Peachie58

  4. this is great! i had a GAZILLION un-matching earring that i didn’t know what to do with. i also attached two broken chains together and put some junk on the end to make a super cute necklace have been in for a while :]

  5. Love bracelets like this one. Want to make one for myself.

  6. its ok good idea but no the gretest:)

  7. But what do you do with the broken necklace chains?

  8. great way to recycle things! WOW!

  9. VERY COOL! Keep up the GREAT work!

  10. I LOVE THIS!!! I made two, and was complimented on mine. I gave my other to my mom for her b-day and she wears it all the time! ITs soo simple!

  11. i love this!!! 🙂

  12. i made this bracelet, and it is easier than it seems. i used broken earrings, keychains, hairclips, necklaces, bracelts,anklets, and even rings to make mine. What a way to recycle used and broken objects!

  13. I made this bracelet and it is soo much easier than it looks. very pretty-thanks

  14. very simple for anyone

  15. cute idea

  16. WOW!

  17. dis looks great n chic!! thanks…

  18. IzzieListening says

    Ingenious! I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while now…

  19. crabbyredhead says

    AWESOME! Looks great + a good way to get turn old jewelry into something cool!

  20. Quinkes UK says

    I love it! A modern twist on the charm bracelet!

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