Snowflake Tree Ornament

Snowflake Tree Ornament

This is a quick Christmas crafts that the kids will love. It makes a snowflake that they can hang on the tree!

What you need

50 toothpicks
Spray paint
2x 1 inch (2.5cm) Gem Sequin
Cord for hanging
craft glue or hot melt


Start by taking your tooth picks and spray painting them silver. Whilst they are still wet roll them in the glitter, you can add extra glitter to the picks later too.

Allow the picks to dry and then glue them onto the backside of 1 of your sequins. Use a good dollop or hot glue or craft glue to make sure the picks adhere well. Place the picks in a circle layout and once secure glue the second sequin onto the top.

You can add extra glitter by spreading some glue onto the picks and sprinkling the glitter over the top.

These look great in gold and white for a lovely Christmas snowflake effect.


  1. funny

  2. tip for painting toothpics:go outside :)put them in a deep disposable aluminum pan and shake pan while you spray them. keep shaking it for a couple of minutes and they dry fast & won’t stick together.I did 250 pics at once. i used gold paint, red gems A+

  3. wow!! very good, i wouldve never thought of somethin like that!!!!very cool.. ill have to try this when it comes closer to Christmas!! i have to do a lot of things, but i do have Christmas break, that is when i will probly make it 🙂

  4. WOW! (but it’s hard.) c: j: *

  5. cute christmas idea to get the little ones involved! Love It!

  6. this looks very easy to do and not take up a lot of time tomake it.

  7. This is an easy craft for my residents to do. thanks

  8. This is an easy craft for my residents to do. thanks

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