Tree Ornament Idea: CD Sticker

Tree Ornament Idea: CD Sticker

This Christmas craft is so easy to make that the kids can make them for all their friends and family.

What you need

Christmas Stickers
Ribbon or Cord for hanging


You will need some Christmas themed craft stickers which can be inexpensive or use dimensional scrapbooking stickers for a more expensive look.

Add the stickers to the clean CD.

Finish it off by tying some ribbon or cord to hang the CD with.

So easy!


  1. Cute!

  2. I have so many of the CD’s you get from AOL and I wondered what the kids could do with them Thanks

  3. Love it

  4. I think you could also use christmas themed wrapping paper so it covers both sides so people won’t see what disc it was! But it’s an execclant way to recycle scratched CD’s and stupid discs you get in the mail.

  5. totally awesome

  6. great idea. I got an inspiration for yet another great idea I want to try. I love it when a simple craft inspires me.

  7. alteredtome says

    Good idea for those CD’s that come in the mail, although this seems like it’s a child’s project.

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