Tree Decoration – Cement Angel

Tree Decoration – Cement Angel

This tutorial shows you how to make a cement angel using a cookie cutter and some cement.

What you need

Cookie cutter (Angel Shape)
mixing bowl
Small length of wire for back hook.
Cooking Spray


Start by mixing your cement using the measurements and directions on the back of the bag but hold back on the water. You need to mix to be cluggy not pour-able.  If the mix is too wet it will slide right out of the cookie cutter. I laid my cookie cutter down on a silicone mat so that it would lift off easy and create a smooth finish (for the front). You can let your concrete begin to set a little before adding it to the cookie cutter form.  Spray your cookie cutter mold with cooking spray to help release it from the cement later. Place your cement into the mold. Using a small length of wire and some pliers, create a little hook loop to hang in the back. Place the wire loop into the back of the angel (the top you can see will become the back as it is uneven)



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