Tie Dyed Baby Clothes

Tie Dyed Baby Clothes

Tie-dyeing baby clothes is a great way to personalize outfits and is ideal for covering up minor stains from hand me down items.

What you need

Fabric Dye
Rubber Gloves
Rubber Bands


In this project you can see we have used pastel shades by diluting down our fabric dye colors.

Follow the basic instructions on your brand of fabric dye and follow any special setting requirements it has so that your clothes don’t bleed in the wash.

If you have not tie dyed before then I suggest you read our different techniques for patterns.

When choosing a style keep in mind that baby clothes are tiny and large knot’s may not be practical.

These cute little tie dyed hippy baby clothes are ideal for baby shower gifts and look great wrapped up in a gift basket or rolled into roses on a diaper cake.


  1. Yeah I would say use the dye full strenght to get better results. Check out http://www.HowToTieDye.net for helpful tie dye instructions. PEACE!

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