Tie Dye Pillow Case

Tie Dye Pillow Case

Learn how to stitch an envelope style pillow case and use Tumble Dye to give it a fun tie-dye look!

What you need

Muslin fabric, sewing machine, tumble dye in various colors, dryer, pillow


Optional – If you already have a pillow case or pillow you want to tie-dye, you can skip the first 5 steps.

To make an envelope style pillow case-

1.Cut a rectangle of muslin fabric that is 45″x20″.

2. Iron a hem on the 2 20″ edges, and run a stitch along the edge.



3. With the right side of the pillow up, fold one side of your fabric in about 10″, fold the opposite side in about 10.5″ so that the ends are overlapping a little. Pin.

IMG_5046 IMG_5048

4. Stitch down the 2 open sides.


5. Flip right side out and iron.


To tie dye your pillow case-

1. Choose your colors. I wanted an ombre look, so I chose 3 different shades of aqua/blue.


2. Pinch the very center of your pillowcase and twist it.



3. Spray on your dye. If you want your colors blend in a bit more, try spraying on just a little bit of water. Let it dry completely. Once dry, place in dryer for approximately 20 minutes, as the instructions on the bottle says.



4. Place a pillow inside the pillow case and you’re done!


All done!



  1. great summertime “outdoor” project!

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