DIY Christmas Triangle Ornament

DIY Christmas Triangle Ornament

Using felt, create this gorgeous tree ornament to hang and personalize your decorations.

What you need

Felt in various colors
3 felt embellishments
Toy Filling


Start by cutting out 4 triangles from the felt 4 inch (10cm) in your selected colors.

Sew 3 of them together to form a pyramid, you can hand sew or machine sew these edges. Sew your hanging cord into place at the same time.

Take the fourth triangle and sew it onto the bottom, leaving a small hole for stuffing with Toy Filling or Wadding . Once stuffed sew the hole closed.

Finish off your decoration by adding felt embellishments around the edges. You can use store bought designs or cut your own out using felt.





  1. lovely little craft projects easy to make. Thank You

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