Terracotta Pots – Spring/Easter Critters

Terracotta Pots – Spring/Easter Critters

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What you need

3 – 2 ½ inch terracotta pots
green construction paper
yellow craft foam
green craft foam
pink craft foam
orange craft foam
yellow yarn
green yarn
pink yarn
large sewing needle
wiggle eyes in various sizes
3 pink chenille stems
1 black chenille stem
white felt
2 green pony beads
white glue


1.      With the pot upside down, apply a strip of glue down the back. Wrap yarn around the pot, beginning above the ridge. Use pink yarn for the bunny, yellow yarn for the chick, and green yarn for the frog. When you reach the top of the pot, glue the end of the yarn in place and snip the end.

2.      Cut a 1-inch strip of green paper for each Easter baby.
3.      Cut away small triangles of paper along the entire length to create the grass.
4.      Glue the grass strip around the rim of each pot.
5.      Trace the bottom (what will now be the top) of each pot onto the yellow, green, and pink craft foam.
6.      Cut out each circle and glue to the top of each pot.
For the chick:
•      Cut a small triangle from the orange craft foam for the beak and glue in place.
•      Glue on the small wiggle eyes.
•      Thread 2 or 3 strands of yellow yarn through the sewing needle.
•      Push the needle through the foam and the hole in the pot, leaving about 1 ½ inches of yarn sticking up through the top.
•      Unravel each strand of yarn to create the fuzzy tuft on the chick’s head.
•      Tie a bow around the tuft with ribbon.
For the frog:
• Cut a smile from a black chenille stem and glue in place.
• Make a bowtie from ribbon and glue in place.
• Glue wiggle eyes to the two green pony beads.
• Glue the pony beads in place.
For the bunny:
• Cut a nose from the pink craft foam.
• Shape the mouth from a pink chenille stem.
• Glue the mouth and nose in place.
• Glue on the wiggle eyes.
• Shape the bunny ears from two pink chenille stems.
• Glue the back of each chenille stem ear outline and lay them on the white felt. Place something heavy on top of them while the glue dries.
• When the glue is dry, cut the felt around the outside of the chenille stems.
• Use the end of the stems to poke through the foam and through the hole in the terracotta pot.
Place these Easter babies around the house to inspire smiles!

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