Teacher’s Pet

Teacher’s Pet

The kids will love making these for their teachers.

What you need

Plastic apple
5 Small green pom pom’s
Craft glue
2 Eyes


Start by gluing the tail onto the side of the apple.

Add the head section on the other side to give the impression the worm is travelling through the apple.

Add the eyes and you are finished.


  1. I made this with my campers, but we used real apples and candy worms with sprinkles for the eyes. It came out adorable and the kids loved it!! thank you!

  2. cute little gift for the teachers

  3. HAHAHA! *milkoutnose* Great gift!

  4. a good crafty idea for kids to make for teachers or for the teachers to make themselfs and tell a story to the kids about it fun fun fun for all ages

  5. omg, sooo cute! good teacher gift. should make a removable santa hat for christmas! =]

  6. cute idea for the little ones…

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