Antibacterial Yoga Mat Spray

Antibacterial Yoga Mat Spray

This is a simple and natural recipe for creating a spray to keep your Yoga mat clean and free from bacteria.

What you need

Filtered water
1/4 cup of Vinegar
3 tbs Alcohol
Eucalyptus essential oil
1 tsp Tea Tree Oil


Fill up your spray bottle with the vinegar and alcohol.

Then add 1 tsp of Tea Tree Oil.

Add 12 drops of Eucalyptus oil.

Fill the bottle with water.

Alternatively try a subtle mint essential oil.

Take the spray and lightly spray the yoga mat and air dry it before rolling up.


  1. I am a microbiologist and the most common sanitizer we use in my lab is 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). I believe this is the same concentration sold commercially in regular grocery and drug stores. If you don’t want the vinegar smell, this would be the best thing to use (although the above formula should work also). Spray it on and either leave on and allow it to evaporate (it evaporates quickly), or spray it on, leave on for around 15-30 seconds and wipe clean. You can add a fragrance or essential oil, but typically the smell of the alcohol will overpower any essential oil. A synthetic or alcohol-based fragrance may work better, but either way, the alcohol smell will mostly disappear with the alcohol itself!

    • says

      Doesn’t alcohol degrade the permeable surface of yoga mats? Working with hospital infection control folks now to find a better solution–none of the currently approved (think Clorox) wipe or spray sanitizer manufacturers recommend their products for permeable surfaces. THANK YOU if you can pass along a solution!!!

  2. How big is the “spray bottle” in question?

  3. meh, i personally dont reccomend using vinegar–to me it smells like phys-ed/gym class. a practical and as-good alternative to the vinegar is to use a 1/4 culp of regular water and to add pachouli and/or jasmine oils to the mixture instead of the mint. trust, you’ll be smelling vaguely like mouthwash if you opt to use the mint oil instead of the pachouli or jasmine. peace out!

  4. I’ve used this recipe since I found it a few years ago.
    It works, it kills germs, it eliminates oders, it’s a great cleaner.
    Great alternative to commercial products.

  5. How much water should you use? Or how big of a spray bottle?

  6. It works!

  7. You can use rubbing alcohol, Strong Vodka etc..

  8. What kind of alcohol do I use?

  9. I am holistically pleased

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